Hard tied with J.J. Plush 1
Hard tied with J.J. Plush 2
Hard tied with J.J. Plush 3
Hard tied with J.J. Plush 4

A hard tied session with J.J. Plush. Outdoor on a terrace ....

Just above the ground 1
Just above the ground 2

An excellent suspension!

Yvette hovers naked above the ground. Naturally ingeniously tied! The pussy is filled with a hook and with weights on it!

The special kick: With her bare toes she just does not reach the floor that would save her weight!

Strapado Spanking/Fucking 1
Strapado Spanking/Fucking 2
Strapado Spanking/Fucking 3
Strapado Spanking/Fucking 4

I received positive feedback on my Strapado sex video the other day!

I think that's a good reason to go into the second round ?!

Have fun watching! I already had my pleasure in the execution!

Pussy Caning 1
Pussy Caning 2

Today's really tight bondage only serves one purpose!

The pussy is chastised! The naked Yvette is gagged and with a plug in her ass on the box. Her bottom stretched out far. Her pussy can be worked on so properly without her being able to defend herself against it. So there are clips in the lips. Your cunt is opened wide. The clit is pumped up thick and in the plum she gets a hook. The Magic Wand is a must!

Her ass is then spanked with the paddle ....

That makes she HAPPY!

on only one knee 1
on only one knee 2

After the porn update from the other day, now YVETTE XTREME again!

And this is really an extreme video clip! Painful, tight and really hard to take! My whole weight is practically on one knee ...

Then I'll also hit the flogger ... I was glad when it was over!

Classic: Strapado sex  and more 1
Classic: Strapado sex  and more 2

Classic: Strapado sex and more

An unreleased classic from my archive!

The naked Yvette, absolutely defenseless, is fixed in the metal in a strapado! Totally at the mercy of having to be fucked from behind ...

Got to? Maybe it's even fun? Find out for yourself ;o)

And while we're on a rather "porn-heavy" video clip, I'm adding 3 (!!!) bonus videos to this update!

1. Yvette does it with the HighHeel

2. Missed and Found

3. My first sex video when I was just 18 years old! An absolute rarity!

And if you are more interested in exploring my intimate side, then I recommend my new website


The things that I experience apart from BDSM!

Have fun....

on cords

Yvette Costeau25:30 minutesBDSM, Bondage, Erotic Nude
on cords 1
on cords 2

Yvette Xtreme! A session that really deserves this name!

Fixed in the lattice box, with the head clamped between two wooden slats, the nipples, labia and toes are clamped and pulled with ropes.

But also the ring toggle and another clip on the tongue. And this again pulled with a rope ...

The naked Yvette - Xtreme unable to move ...

Hard Tied Suspension 0
Hard Tied Suspension 1
Hard Tied Suspension 2

Almost naked, fixed with jeans chaps in an uncomfortable strapado. The legs are bent so that the entire weight lies on a block with the pussy! An extreme session! Yvette is gagged and tied with tape. The eyes are also wallpapered. A weight is also hung around the neck! The hook also goes into the pussy!

It can hardly get any harder!

Classic: Live-Escaping 0
Classic: Live-Escaping 1
Classic: Live-Escaping 2
Classic: Live-Escaping 3
Classic: Live-Escaping 4

Many have asked for another escape video. So I rummaged through my archive and found a great clip!

Yvette naked at a trade fair .... On stage, in front of the live audience, I'll unleash myself once again ;o)

Supertight Session 0
Supertight Session 1
Supertight Session 2

A super tight session!
Kneeling on the table, naked! Hands fixed on the back, tits tied off! Everything very tight with thin ropes...
The head wide in the neck, the eyes tied up...a rope tight at the neck.....and then there is the hook in the cunt, which pulls the head back!
Hang in there Yvette!!! It becomes strenuous!